We all from time to time do something, see something, hear something, or smell something that puts us in a positive state. Or perhaps a condition exists in our surroundings that triggers a positive, controlled, orderly mindset. Things just feel right at that moment in time, we feel in control of our situation, and for a brief instant in time all is right in our world.

When these events happen, we need to make a conscious effort to note the event and to find what it was that triggered our state. We then need to take action to create the trigger again and again, helping us increase the amount of time we spend in the positive states we experienced.

For example, I was watching a movie online. It triggered a positive state, perhaps as it took me away from the present world into a world of order and peacefulness, two things which I value greatly. I immediately logged onto eBay and ordered the DVD.

I found that the smell of a certain brand of product from Bed, Bath and Beyond triggers my positive states. So on my desk I have the hand sanitizer and at home by my sink I have the hand soap so that I can regularly experience this positive trigger.

I have also noticed that having a clean and orderly work environment helps me feel more in control and in a more peaceful and productive state. So if you visit my office, you’ll find a clean and orderly environment. If you watch me work on my PC you’ll note that I keep the keyboard spotless and likewise I regularly clean up the hard disk and purge it of unwanted or obsolete or unneeded files and records.

Find what helps you be more positive and productive, and focus on making this a regular part of your environment. It’ll help you realize greater success in your life, and will help you enjoy the journey just a little bit more!