What we think has a tremendous impact on the experiences we realize in life and what we ultimately become. And what we say is a reflection of what we think. By verbalizing our thoughts we in fact further solidify those thoughts as our speaking in turn means we hear the thoughts we have verbalized. This is one of the reasons the correct use of verbal affirmations can enhance our chances of success.

As we go through life we’ll encounter many difficulties. As we work through these difficulties it is very easy to fall into a trap of verbalizing our difficulties on a regular basis. Indeed by sharing our challenges and grief with others we are able to often lighten the load. But many go far beyond constructive sharing with someone who can help provide clarity, and instead slip into a mode of wanting everyone to hear of their challenges at every possible opportunity. They expand upon their negative expressions by painting the same gloomy picture generated by their dominant challenges across all of their experiences.

Let me know give you an example. Bill is a contractor we used to use on a regular basis. Bill was honest and hardworking but was constantly sharing how others were always taking advantage of him and how much financial difficulty he continually experienced. Although Bill had a wonderful family, excellent skills and an honest, sincere heart, benefits which could take him far, he allowed his constant negative venting to overshadow these blessings. Eventually Bill entered into a state of depression and nearly lost everything.

Bill learned the hard way that constantly speaking of the negatives in our life when there is no constructive reason to do so can indeed hurt our chances of building the life we desire. It is important whenever we verbalize negatives to realize why we’re doing so and to continue with such verbalizations only if for a positive, constructive purpose.

Indeed, our brain is like a super computer that directs our lives and any time we speak of matters, we also hear what we’re saying and that too forms a small part of our self-programming. We have a much greater impact on our personal mental programming than we might realize and it is vital that we make efforts to ensure the programming is as positive and powerful as possible.

Verbalize your positive thoughts and affirmations and minimize the negatives, speaking of them only when doing so will truly help you improve the situation, and before you know it you’ll have a brighter outlook on life and will be moving more quickly toward the success you deserve.