Just one idea can change:

The life of your business.

The business of your life.

Who We Are

Key Business Institute is a training organization dedicated to helping people and businesses realize greater success through personal and professional development.

We provide insighting training to help companies improve the life of their business, and we help individuals understand and manage the business of their lives.  Our focus is create magic where the two meet.



For the small business, we offer training on business optimization and management, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. For larger companies we offer training on marketing and sales, leadership, and product management.


For the individual, we offer personalized training on life planning, building effective time management habits, strategies to improve mental and physical health, career planning, and long term financial success.


Keep It Positive!

Keep It Positive!

The brain is an incredible repository of information and it’ll take anything you give it. Interestingly, what you put into your brain creates the thoughts that circulate through your mind.

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Praise for Key Business Institute

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to be wildly impressed at the depth and breadth of your knowledge and experience.”

Don Burrows

Raleigh, NC

 “I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic seminar. I got great ideas from it.”

Marcela Noriega

Durham, NC