The Right Team
by Ron Pate


Any small business wishing to grow will eventually have to grow its team of human resources if it wishes to increase its size and reach. This is an area where, unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail. 

When it comes to building a team, you must be very careful whom you add to your team.
You must be 100% certain that you get the right people on your team initially, and if you
happen to bring on someone that is not right for the team, remove him or her from the team as quickly as possible. Having the wrong people on your team can cause you significant headaches, can damage your reputation, and can most certainly set you back in ways you can’t imagine if you’ve never been there. Remember that just because a person has positive values and means well does not mean he or she is right for your team. Not only does having the wrong people on your team hurt the output of the team, it also hurts the individuals themselves. They cannot reach the success they undoubtedly desire, since the team must ultimately succeed if the individual team members are to realize the maximum success of which they’re capable. There are numerous resources available to you to help you screen and evaluate potential team members. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish in finding great people for your team. Be patient in your search, and make sure they’re right before bringing them onboard.

Take the above lesson to heart and remember to move quickly if you find you've gotten the wrong members on board. Not doing so will not only hurt you, but will hurt them as well.

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