"Luck" in Business Endeavors
by Nikita Zhitov


Successful people define luck as when preparedness meets opportunity. One will not be able to utilize his “luck” when an opportunity presents itself if he is not prepared and does not possess appropriate knowledge to take advantage of the opportunity.

The truth is there is no such thing as “luck.” Unsuccessful people often use the term "luck" when referring to another's success as an excuse for their own failure. In reality they practice nothing more than rationalization. Herb Truce put it well when he said: “What people don’t realize is that successful people often have more failures than failures do. But they keep going.”

Misperception of luck arises when people hear about so-called incredible overnight successes that are happening everyday in our society and they start to believe that overnight success is indeed possible, with luck playing a part. What they really hear is a bottom line result, such as "so-and-so was broke yesterday and today he/she made $5 million on one business venture, etc." What they do not hear is the years of diligent effort and sweat equity that a particular individual or company might have put up front, possibly without being paid a penny on the way, while educating themselves on different subject matters necessary for successful execution of a venture producing multimillion dollar profits in one swoop on the back end. This leads people to unrealistic expectations and results in disappointment when they fail to realize their goals.

Life is too important to rely on “luck”. You and only you are responsible for your destiny. You cannot simply react to the stumbling blocks that arise on your road to success. Rather you need to take proactive measures to walk around the barriers you encounter along the way.

"Proactivity" versus "Reactivity" differentiates winners from losers, because it is your proactivity that ensures you are prepared to capitalize on opportunities that may come your way. Remember that successful people create their own luck and so should you.

Good luck in all your endeavors.


“I’m a great believer in luck…the harder I work the luckier I get” - Stephen Leacock.

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